"For me, Greer is a beautiful town that has both opportunities, yet still more of a homegrown heart.”

April 2022: Greer, SC

Hometown Girl

April Rains/CBL State Savings Bank Marketing Specialist

I’m originally from Greer and went to Blue Ridge and Greer High Schools. I was a Blue Ridge cheerleader and Miss Greater Greer teen, but that was many moons ago.  Twenty-two years ago, I moved away and went to college and married my husband.  We lived out of state in Georgia and Alabama, and moved back here about six years ago.

It still takes my breath away driving down 101. You’re so close to the mountains and you have all the views. It’s just gorgeous. I’m so thankful we’re this close to town, but see that beauty every day. Early in our marriage, we lived just north of Atlanta for nine years, which is more like a city, and then moved to rural Alabama. Greer is like something in the middle.  For me, Greer is a beautiful town that has both opportunities, yet still more of a homegrown heart.

I have the privilege of being the Marketing Specialist at CBL State Savings Bank.  I owned a marketing firm in Atlanta for 14 years, but decided two years after moving here, it was time to close the doors. I was traveling too much, and wanted to be home more with my family.  My job with CBL came through connections. I’ve found the people in Greer are very quick to help when they can. People seem to stay really connected. It’s another element that creates that hometown feel.  My co-workers at CBL truly are some of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege to be around. The bank was founded in 1907 and so many practices from our history continue to be positives for us, including sitting face-to-face with our customers.  CBL is a local bank that keeps making an impact by giving to our community, while offering the modern conveniences we all need. It is truly a special place to work.

Yes, I’m also a pastor’s wife and a daughter and granddaughter actually! My husband is a pastor with Praise Cathedral Church of God in Greer. He and I serve together in the worship ministry and family ministry.  I look at Greer as having so many people rooted in faith, but it’s a community that is accepting of everyone. The beautiful part is that your faith journey is your own, and there are people here who will walk with you if you allow them.

My husband and I are busy people, but we’re sort of homebodies. When we moved back, it was very important to us to find a house with a little land behind it.  We moved near Blue Ridge. We have walking trails and are outside a good bit. My daughter is a runner with cross country and track, and my son plays basketball. We attend a lot of sporting events and cheer on the kids. We’re a close-knit family.  

Since coming back, I’m just really thankful for all of the revitalization. I think about the downtown area and how people want to be here. There was a time a lot of downtown didn’t feel that way. You only came if you had a very specific reason. Now, you can make it a destination and enjoy everything from the parks, to the restaurants, to the boutiques. Greer is a place people want to come. It makes me proud of our town.

During Covid, I was so impressed with our community. We all had to stick together during the pandemic. At the bank and church, I saw so many changes and witnessed the dynamic of how everyone helped each other. It was part of what inspired me to write a devotion book called “Rooted.” No matter what you’re going through, it’s important to examine your roots and make sure they are growing in the right place. Staying rooted is essential.  I know we’re rooted in the right place. Right now, it’s our plan to stay.