“If the scenery doesn’t captivate you, the people will.”

October 2021: Greer, SC

Transplanted Jersey Girl

Inez Hannon/Prisma Health Manager

I grew up on the Jersey Shore, in Brick, New Jersey. I moved here 25 years ago. If I go back to that moment in time when I came here, did I think then that this was the best place to land and raise a family? No. But today, I feel like the luckiest mom in the world! This has been the best place to work and raise a family.

I was drawn to athletics in high school. Although I played on various teams, I wasn’t good enough to play at the collegiate level. I attended East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, for their sports medicine program and spent four years traveling the country as an athletic trainer. I eventually landed in Greenville, South Carolina, at Greenville Memorial Hospital, to assist with community programs creating awareness on a variety of topics, including women’s health issues.

As the hospital grew, and became Prisma Health, I transferred to Greer Memorial Hospital, where I manage a variety of support services. My husband is from Greer. We have three adult children, and they all went to Greer High, where my husband and his parents went. They even had some of the same teachers! We did little league; we did the neighborhood swim teams in summer. We did everything. By raising my family in Greer, we’ve had this super-wonderful, amazing network of people who surrounded them. There was no hiding from people.

The best thing about Greer? Even though it’s a big town, it’s a small town. We are so integrated into the community. My husband and I were both able to coach at the kids’ schools, and today, we still help the football coach line the field for Friday nights, and my husband announces the games. We have a supper club that tours restaurants, or we just go to dinner as a family. We really enjoy Wild Ace and Select.

Our children have graduated now and the public school system served them each so well, and they had different needs. Two of my kids took the college path. My middle child is dyslexic. Learning was hard, but he really likes to work with his hands. He tapped into the Bonds Career Center, studying building and plumbing, and was offered jobs right out of high school. Today, he works for the City of Greer as a building and code inspector, and his possibilities are endless. There are so many success stories coming out of the Bonds and Enoree Career Centers.

My opportunities have been endless too. I’m on the Board for the Chamber of Commerce and focus a lot on Greer Made. We always want to grow and make the community better. When I transferred to Greer from Memorial Hospital, that was the best thing. I still get to help my neighbors and people in the community every single day, often in small ways, and it means so much to me.

I love the Greer community. It has that small-town feel, but it continues to grow. Being a Northern Catholic down here? I always tell people, you can move from anywhere to Greer, and if the scenery doesn’t captivate you, the people will. The people in Greer love where they are. They’re caring and they want to continue to grow and make the community better. They have such hometown pride. In the mornings, when I walk the dogs and I look up and see the mountains, they are just amazing. I can’t believe this is my life. I am the luckiest mom in the world!